2014 will be a crucial year for Europe. The European Union will not survive the current or future crises unless it completes its integration process and regains the trust of its citizens. In May, with the European elections, the European people can choose which direction Europe should take.

The Union of European Federalists and the Young European Federalists invite citizens to vote only for those candidates and political parties that support further European economic and political integration. We urge the European parties and candidates in the European elections to help citizens making the right choice by showing support to the following principles:


Campaign on European issues, promoting European interests against populist appeals to national egoism and fighting the illusions of national solutions to European issues;

Insist that the next President of the European Commission is selected among the candidates nominated by the European political parties during the election campaign;


Call for a Constitutional Convention to reform the Treaties to provide a federal system of governance for the European Union or at least the eurozone;

Demand that the European Commission becomes a genuine European Government and the European Parliament is given the same powers as the representatives of the member states in the decision-making process on all matters;


241. Roberto GUALTIERI, MEP-Candidate (PD/Italy)
240. Arlindo VIEIRA DA COSTA, Candidate (PDA/Portugal)
239. Vincent LANCIEN, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
238. Karen MELCHIOR, Candidate (Radikale Venstre/Denmark)
237. Vincent LANCIEN, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
236. Matthias GROOTE, MEP-Candidate (SPD/Germany)
235. Sylvie GOULARD, MEP-Candidate (UDI-MoDem/France)
234. Viviane REDING, Candidate (CSV/Luxembourg)
233. Antonio CANCIAN, MEP-Candidate (NCD-UDC/Italy)
232. Aldo PATRICIELLO, MEP-Candidate (Forza Italia/Italy)
231. Rudi RUSSO, Candidate (Scelta Europea/Italy)
230. Piergiovanni ALLEVA, Candidate (L'Altra Europa con Tsipras/Italy)
229. Paul BERETTONI, Candidate (Pirate Party/France)
228. Kirsten-Ursula EINK, Candidate (SPD/Germany)
227. Cristina STANGARI, Candidate (NCD-UDC/Italy)
226. Esther NIUBÓ CIDONCHA, Candidate (PSOE/Spain)
225. José ALMEIDA, Candidate (PDA/Portugal)
224. Borja CABEZÓN, Candidate (PSOE/Spain)
223. Robert SCHLIESSLER, Candidate (D66/Netherlands)
222. Evelyne GEBHARDT, MEP-Candidate (SPD/Germany)
221. David PORYNGIER, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
220. Vittorio MARLETTO, Candidate (Greens/Italy)
219. Rita CINTI LUCIANI, Candidate (PD/Italy)
218. Karima DELLI, MEP-Candidate (EELV/France)
217. Eduardo SALZANO, Candidate (L'Altra Europa con Tsipras/Italy)
216. Luana ZANELLA, Candidate (Greens/Italy)
215. Giampiero SAMORI, Candidate (Forza Italia/Italy)
214. Matteo RIVA, Candidate (Scelta Europea/Italy)
213. Bruna RIGHI, Candidate (Scelta Europea/italy)
212. Giuliano CAZZOLA, Candidate (NCD-UDC/Italy)
211. Sergio Antonio BERLATO, MEP-Candidate (Fratelli d’Italia/Italy)
210. Thomas BASTIANEL, Candidate (Scelta Europea/Italy)
209. Elly SCHLEIN, Candidate (PD/Italy)
208. Edoardo GANDINI, Candidate (Scelta Europea/Italy)
207. Enrico KREFT, Candidate (SPD/Germany)
206. Georgios PERDIKIS, Candidate (Greens/Cyprus)
205. Eleni CHRYSOSTOMOU, Candidate (Greens/Cyprus)
204. Monica FRASSONI, Candidate (Greens/Italy)
203. Aminata NIAKATE, Candidate (EELV/France)
202. Ulrike RODUST, MEP-Candidate (SPD/Germany)
201. Franco FRIGO, MEP-Candidate (PD/Italy)
200. Philippe LAMBERTS, MEP-Candidate (Ecolo/Belgium)
199. Isabelle THOMAS, MEP-Candidate (PS/France)
198. Pierre PRIBETICH, Candidate (PS/France)
197. Clara Eugenia AGUILERA GARCÍA, Candidate (PSOE/Spain)
196. Childéric MULLER, Candidate (UDI-MoDem/France)
195. Troy DAVIS, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
194. Soledad CABEZÓN RUIZ, Candidate (PSOE/Spain)
193. Miloslav HETTEŠ, Candidate (Nový Parlament/Slovakia)
192. Ismail ERTUG, MEP-Candidate (SPD/Germany)
191. Benoit BARBIER, Candidate (PDA/Portugal)
190. Lauranne DEVILLE, Candidate (Stand Up for the United States of Europe/Belgium)
189. Christine REVAULT D'ALLONNES-BONNEFOY, Candidate (PS/France)
188. Yvette DUCHEMANN, Candidate (EELV/France)
187. Damien COURCOUX, Candidate (Radicalement Citoyen/France)
186. Louis MICHEL, MEP-Candidate (MR/Belgium)
185. Michael CRAMER, MEP-Candidate (Bündnis 90-Die Grünen/Germany)
184. Filipe Santos HENRIQUES, Candidate (Livre/Portugal)
183. Alice STRADI, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
182. Constance LE GRIP, Candidate (UMP/France)
181. Catherine TRAUTMANN, MEP-Candidate (PS/France)
180. Juozas OLEKAS, Candidate (LSDP/Lithuania)
179. Kęstutis MASIULIS, Candidate (TS-LKD/Lithuania)
178. Catherine TOSTAIN, Candidate (PS/France)
177. Marine CARON, Candidate (UDI-MoDem/France)
176. Silvia VLADIMIROVA, Candidate (Zelena Partia/Bulgaria)
175. Rostislava DIMITROVA, Candidate (Coalition of United Democrats/Bulgaria)
174. Raynald VIAL, Candidate (UDI-MoDem/France)
173. Hanna CLAIRIERE, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
172. Aleksander GLOGOWSKI, Candidate (PS/France)
171. Demetris SYLLOURIS, Candidate (Evroko/Cyprus)
170. Avgustina TZVETKOVA, Candidate (GERB/Bulgaria)
169. Dostena LAVERN, Candidate (BSP/Bulgaria)
168. Florent MARCELLESI, Candidate (Primavera Europea/Spain)
167. Jonas FERNANDEZ, Candidate (PSOE/Spain)
166. Jose Ignacio SALAFRANCA, MEP-Candidate (PP/Spain)
165. Anna BUŠA, Candidate (Vienotība/Latvia)
164. Ska KELLER, MEP-Candidate (Bündnis 90-Die Grünen/Germany)
163. Gérard DEPREZ, Candidate (MR/Belgium)
162. Jean-Paul BERNARD, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
161. Catherine GUIBOURG, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
160. Michel CAILLOUET, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
159. Alexandre MARIN, Candidate (Parti Européen/France)
158. Andrea ZANONI, MEP-Candidate (PD/Italy)
157. Tiziana ARENA, Candidate (PD/Italy)
156. Giovanni FIANDACA, Candidate (PD/Italy)
155. Gabriella GALLARATI, Candidate (Scelta Europea/Italy)
154. Massimo BERUTTI, Mayor of Tortona (Centro-Destra/Italy)
153. Davide SABBADIN, Candidate (Greens/Italy)
152. Enrico MUSSO, Candidate (Scelta Europea/Italy)
151. Gabriele ALBERTINI, Candidate (NCD/Italy)
150. Renato SORU, Candidate (PD/Italy)
149. Alessandra MORETTI, Candidate (PD/Italy)
148. Eric ANDRIEU, MEP-Candidate (PS/France)
147. Sylvie GUILLAUME, MEP-Candidate (PS/France)
146. Federico VANTINI, Candidate (PD/Italy)
145. Paolo DE CASTRO, MEP-Candidate (PD/Italy)
144. Ben ALLARD, Candidate (Pirate Party/Luxembourg)
143. Michèle STIEFER, Candidate (Pirate Party/Luxembourg)
142. Andy MAAR, Candidate (Pirate Party/Luxembourg)
141. Elisa PETRONI, Candidate (Scelta Europea/Italy)
140. Maria Grazia BARTOLOMEI, Candidate (Scelta Europea/Italy)
139. Alessandro RONDONI, Candidate (NCD/Italy)
138. Damiano ZOFFOLI, Candidate (PD/Italy)
137. Stefan WINDBERGER, Candidate (NEOS-The New Austria/Austria)
136. Julien DEVES, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
135. Marc TARABELLA, MEP-Candidate (PS/Belgium)
134. Marco FURFARO, Candidate (L'Altra Europa con Tsipras/Italy)
133. Niccolò RINALDI, MEP-Candidate (Scelta Europea/Italy)
132. Leon VAESSEN, Candidate (D66/Netherlands)
131. Alexandra THEIN, Candidate (FDP/Germany)
130. Cécile KYENGE, Candidate (PD/Italy)
129. Paolo SINIGAGLIA, Candidate (PD/Italy)
128. Michele EMILIANO, Candidate (PD/Italy)
127. Pier Antonio PANZERI, MEP-Candidate (PD/Italy)
126. Gemma MANTOVANI, Candidate (Scelta Europea/Italy)
125. Frederic GEBHARD, Candidate (Scelta Europea/Italy)
124. Matteo FORTE, Candidate (NCD-UDC-Popolari Italia/Italy)
123. Pietro SBARAINI, Candidate (NCD-UDC-Popolari Italia/Italy)
122. Mercedes BRESSO, Candidate (PD/Italy)
121. Michel FAURE, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
120. Eva PLATTEAU, Candidate (Groen/Belgium)
119. Stella NYANCHAMA OKEMWA, Candidate (Groen/Belgium)
118. Sammy ROELANT, Candidate (Groen/Belgium)
117. Hugo VAN DIENDEREN, Candidate (Groen/Belgium)
116. Dirk VANSINTJAN, Candidate (Groen/Belgium)
115. Frank VROONEN, Candidate (Groen/Belgium)
114. Malika ABBAD, Candidate (Groen/Belgium)
113. Fran BAMBUST, Candidate (Groen/Belgium)
112. Petra DE SUTTER, Candidate (Groen/Belgium)
111. Sven CLEMENT, Candidate (Pirate Party/Luxembourg)
110. Hélène FEO, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
109. Yvonne GALIAY, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
108. Alfredo Luis SOMOZA, Candidate (L'Altra Europa con Tsipras/Italy)
107. Sophie in 't VELD, MEP-Candidate (D66/Netherlands)
106. Fairouz HONDEMA-MOKRANE, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
105. Sylvia-Yvonne KAUFMANN, Candidate (SPD/Germany)
104. Cédric SUZANNE, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
103. Emanuelis ZINGERIS, Candidate (TS-LKD/Lithuania)
102. Laima Liucija ANDRIKIENĖ, MEP-Candidate (TS-LKD/Lithuania)
101. Juras POŽELA, Candidate (LSDP/Lithuania)
100. Gediminas KIRKILAS, Candidate (LSDP/Lithuania)
99. Emmanuel RODARY, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
98. Johannes VAN ARKEL, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
97. Françoise TRAPIER, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
96. Philippe GERARD, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
95. Alain MALEGARIE, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
94. Alessandro ROSASCO, Candidate (Greens/Italy)
93. Christian D'ANDLAU HOMBOURG, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
92. Francine DE PRINS, Candidate (Groen/Belgium)
91. Nathalie GRIESBECK, MEP-Candidate (UDI-MoDem/France)
90. Fernando MAURA BARANDIARAN, Candidate (UPyD/Spain)
89. Thomas WAITZ, Candidate (Die Grünen–Die Grüne Alternative/Austria)
88. Tom VANDENKENDELAERE, Candidate (CD&V/Belgium)
87. Marilyn NEVEN, Candidate (CD&V/Belgium)
86. Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS, Candidate (LRLS/Lithuania)
85. Marco BARATTO, Candidate (Scelta Europea/Italy)
84. Marietje SCHAAKE, MEP-Candidate (D66/ Netherlands)
83. Victor THEVENET, Candidate (European Federalist Party/France)
82. Roberta CAPONE, Candidate (PD/Italy)
81. Veiko SPOLITIS, Candidate (Vienotība/Latvia)
80. Nicola DALL'OLIO, Candidate (PD/Italy)
78. Claude MERCIER, Candidate (EELV/France)
77. Marco MARAZZI, Candidate (European Federalist Party/Italy)
76. Brando BENIFEI, Candidate (PD/Italy)
75. Agata NOWACKA, Candidate (Europa Plus Twój Ruch/Poland)
74. Sergio Gaetano COFFERATI, MEP-Candidate (PD/Italy)
73. Pietro DE MATTEIS, Candidate (European Federalist Party/Belgium)
72. Ana GOMES, MEP- Candidate (PS/Portugal)
71. Bengt BEIER, Candidate (NEOS/Austria)
70. Jeroni VERGEER, Candidate (GL/ Netherlands)
69. Danuta HÜBNER, MEP-Candidate (PO/Poland)
68. Massimo D' ALEMA, FEPS President, Former Prime Minister of Italy (PD/Italy)
67. Pascal DURAND, Candidate (EELV/France)
66. Krzysztof ISZKOWSKI, Candidate (Europa Plus Twój Ruch/Poland)
65. Jan Philipp ALBRECHT, MEP-Candidate (Bündnis 90-Die Grünen/Germany)
64. Kathleen VAN BREMPT, MEP-Candidate (sp.a/Belgium)
63. Marcin ŚWIĘCICKI, Candidate (PO/Poland)
62. Wolfgang G. WETTACH, Candidate (Bündnis 90-Die Grünen/Germany)
61. Spyros DANELLIS, MEP (Pasok/Greece)
60. Andreas SCHWAB, MEP-Candidate (CDU/Germany)
59. Georgios STAVRAKAKIS, MEP (Pasok/Greece)
58. Jutta STEINRUCK, MEP-Candidate (SPD/Germany)
57. Patrizia TOIA, MEP-Candidate (PD/Italy)
56. Alejandro CERCAS, MEP (PSOE/Spain)
55. Yannick JADOT, MEP-Candidate (EELV/France)
54. Gerben-Jan GERBRANDY, MEP-Candidate (D66/Netherlands)
53. Rinke BRUSSEL, MEP-Candidate (D66/Netherlands)
52. Sandrine BÉLIER, MEP-Candidate (EELV/France)
51. Michael GAHLER, MEP-Candidate (CDU/Germany)
50. Jarosław WAŁĘSA, MEP-Candidate (PO/Poland)
49. Evgeni KIRILOV, MEP-Candidate (BSP/Bulgaria)
48. Frank ENGEL, MEP-Candidate (CSV/Luxembourg)
47. François ALFONSI, MEP-Candidate (Federation of Regions and Peoples with Solidarity/France)
46. Ulrike LUNACEK, MEP-Candidate (Die Grünen–Die Grüne Alternative/Austria)
45. José BORRELL, Former President of the European Parliament (PSOE/Spain)
44. Juan MOSCOSO DEL PRADO, Member of the Spanish Parliament (PSOE/Spain)
43. Ramón JÁUREGUI, former MEP (PSOE/Spain)
42. Enrique BARÓN CRESPO, Former President of the European Parliament (1989–1992) (PSOE/Spain)
41. Jean-Marie CAVADA, MEP-Candidate (UDI-MoDem/France)
40. Jorgo CHATZIMARKAKIS, MEP-Candidate (FDP/Greece)
39. Lidia GERINGER de OEDENBERG, MEP-Candidate (SLD/Poland)
38. Andrey KOVATCHEV, MEP-Candidate (GERB/Bulgaria)
37. Guy VERHOFSTADT, MEP-Candidate (Open VLD/Belgium)
36. Elke TINDEMANS, Candidate (CD&V/Belgium)
35. Ivo BELET, MEP - Candidate (CD&V/Belgium)
34. Steven VANACKERE, Candidate (CD&V/Belgium)
33. Marie De CLERCK, Candidate (CD&V/Belgium)
32. Marianne THYSSEN, MEP - Candidate (CD&V/Belgium)
31. Saïd EL KHADRAOUI, MEP-Candidate (sp.a/Belgium)
30. Anni PODIMATA, MEP (Pasok/Greece)
29. Libor ROUČEK, MEP-Candidate (ČSSD/Czech Republic)
28. Helga TRÜPEL, MEP-Candidate (Bündnis 90-Die Grünen/Germany)
27. Alessia MOSCA, MP-Candidate(PD/Italy)
26. Andreas HERRMANN, Candidate (SPD/Germany)
25. Katharina NEVEDALOVA, MEP-Candidate (Smer-SD/Slovakia)
24. Stefano FASSINA, MP-Candidate (PD/Italy)
23. Frédérique RIES, MEP-Candidate (MR/Belgium)
22. Miguel Angel MARTÍNEZ MARTÍNEZ, MEP-Candidate (PSOE/Spain)
21. Norbert NEUSER, MEP-Candidate (SPD/Germany)
20. Rainer WIELAND, MEP-Candidate (CDU/Germany)
19. Hannes SWOBODA, MEP (SPÖ/Austria)
18. David SASSOLI MEP-Candidate (PD/Italy)
17. Gianni PITTELLA, MEP-Candidate (PD/Italy)
16. Véronique DE KEYSER, MEP (PS/Belgium)
15. Guglielmo EPIFANI, MP (PD/Italy)
14. Bruno CALZIA, MP (PD/Italy)
12. Jo LEINEN, MEP-Candidate (SPD/Germany)
11. Bart STAES, MEP-Candidate (Groen/ Belgium)
10. Reinhard BÜTIKOFER, MEP-Candidate (Bündnis 90-Die Grünen/Germany)
9. Edite ESTRELA, MEP (PS/Portugal)
8. Sandro GOZI, MP (PD/Italy)
7. Riccardo NENCINI, Former MEP (PSI/Italy)
6. Maggie DE BLOCK, State Secretary for Migration and Asylum Policy (Open VLD/Belgium)
5. Philippe DE BACKER, MEP-Candidate (Open VLD/Belgium)
4. Pasqualine NAPOLETANO, MEP (PES/Italy)
3. Isabelle DURANT, Vice-President of the European Parliament (Ecolo/Belgium)
2. Elmar BROK, MEP-Candidate (CDU/Germany)
1. Andrew DUFF, MEP-Candidate (Liberal Democrats/United Kingdom)


Support the completion of the European Monetary Union with a full economic and fiscal union for the eurozone, including a eurozone budget, European solidarity mechanisms and own resources for a European plan for economic recovery;


Work for a truly European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy, so that Europe can speak with a single voice to defend peace and stability and promote European interests and values in the world.

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