• 20140617

    It’s time for European Democracy. Mr Juncker for President & Mr Cameron get on with it!

    The Union of European Federalists (UEF) urges the European Council to propose Mr. Juncker as next President of the European Commission at its next meeting on June 27. It will then be for Mr. Juncker to present himself and his program to the European Parliament and try to assemble a political majority.

    Claiming that this new procedure would be in breach of the European Union treaties is just a lie spread by the anti-Europeans and Euro-sceptics and their press. This is what the European Union Treaty provides. This is how parliamentary democracies work. This is the kind of Europe that everyone believing in democracy and accountability should stand up for and defend.

    Elmar Brok, President of the Union of European Federalists and the longest serving Member of the newly elected European Parliament, said: “The meaning and purpose of the European elections are at stake. Citizens were told that this time the European elections would be different, and they were different. European political parties nominated their candidates well in advance; the candidates submitted themselves and their program to the voters across Europe and engaged in pan-European debates. National political leaders, including many Heads of Government sitting in the European Council, have been on the campaign trail with the candidates. This process can’t be disregarded because of the internal political problems in the United Kingdom.

    The UEF believes that the new procedure to elect the President of the European Commission gives greater legitimacy and greater accountability to the European Commission to become a more genuine European Government. Once installed, the European Commission, in close cooperation with the European Parliament, should as soon as possible re-launch the debate and make proposals on the future of Europe. This should include how to further strengthen the economic and political integration of the Eurozone, how to address the widespread economic crisis with European initiatives for growth and development, and how to improve the strength, efficiency and democratic accountability of the institutions of the European Union and particularly of the Eurozone.

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